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Lot 340 may be the world’s longest known example of dinosaur coprolite (or fossilized dung). Measuring 3 feet 4 inches long, it could fetch up to $10,000 at I.M. Chait Gallery's auction on Saturday.

So, this ant poop question (why do they use toilets, and why don’t they flush them?) has gotten me thinking about uses over the eons for digestive waste. Do you remember that last year some dino poop listed as “the longest known specimen of ancient excrement” sold at auction for somewhere around $10,000? But why is a piece 40 inches long the longest ever found? Some dinosaurs were HUGE. And there were LOTS of them. There should be enough fossilized mess for a small mountain range, yes? Well, no. Because the excrement was apparently useful. To ancient cockroaches. It seems that they ate it.